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Real Estate Investment Trusts Find Value

We developed 3D environments to help solve a critical need that REITs and Commercial Real Estate firms demanded. By blending e-Commerce, 3D modeling, Social Networking and viral “tell your friend” campaigns, we can drive more foot traffic in malls...

Cloud Computing Expert Jared Nielsen

Featured in the new on Channel 47 CBS in Jacksonville, FL

The FUZION Agency

We are growing!  The FUZION Agency has locations in Jacksonville, Florida, Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Salt Lake City, Utah with clients nationwide and resources worldwide.  We are pleased to announce that Michael Johnson has opened our new Mountain States area with the solid help of Nicole Nielsen and our team of special forces troopers that help push the work along every day. 

The FUZION Agency is a unique blend of community development, student mentoring and advanced technology and marketing that work together to tackle the recession with some good old hard work.  Take a look at our programs:

Student Mentoring - We partner graduating high school students with an international college graduate and a local business to form new internet companies that act as a "sister company" to a local business that sees the benefit of an online venture but prefers to focus on their steady brick and mortar business.

Local Business Partnering - Local businesses may not have the structure or expertise to be an Internet powerhouse, but we can create an Internet company that they can own a piece of and develop it and invest in it independently.

Community Involvement - We believe in local communities and work hard to develop relationships between our local businesses, our students and local non profits, community groups and other organizations to provide critical Internet marketing services.

We invite you do contact us directly at our closest office where we can serve you the best.

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You can open your own FUZION office just by getting to know us and showing that you have have what it takes.  Only the bold need apply.

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